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Spectrum NCM Capture/Load Config

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08-15-2016 05:16 AM

Hi All,

We are facing slowness issue to capture/load config using Spectrum NCM. It's taking time to long. Capture almost 1 minute and load almost an hour for a 60 line config. Currently we are using perl script and default communication mode is Telnet/FTP.

We did test using SNMP/TFTP method (without perl script), it is more faster. Only within a second to capture config. But in order to used SNMP/TFTP method, devices must be certified in NCM and only a few devices already certified. Actually we don't understand why the devices need to certified again in NCM because already certified in Spectrum.

Long story short, my idea is: Is it possible to certified all of the devices ?. Herewith I attached list of devices in my Spectrum.


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08-13-2018 09:09 AM

A script should be able to be used/written to use SNMP and TFTP as well.  And even SSH/SCP.

At this time I don't believe there are any plans to enhance new devices for NCM.


Nagesh_Jaiswal kiran_diwakar - Could you guys review this idea and provide a response?

08-10-2018 10:32 AM

my customer really really needs this.

08-17-2016 03:31 AM


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