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WWSI support for IIS 8 and Exchange 2013

Last activity 06-13-2019 09:46 AM
Per w4VHUkVO's profile image
03-20-2015 03:16 AM

There are now a lot of sites working with IIS 8, and Microsoft new products all uses that platform.

We need SSO from CA SSO to Windows and the best way so far have been WWSI, so we hope that support for IIS8 will be implemented soon.


03-22-2016 07:43 AM

Hi Per, Global Delivery is working on certifications for WWSI with IIS 8.5, OWA 2013 and OWA 2016. You can find the Global Delivery Platform Support Matrix and Roadmap documents at

05-26-2015 10:53 AM

Hi Per,  What would you like to do with this idea/item?  I believe the CA Global Delivery team can address your need.

04-17-2015 06:29 PM

HI Per,  I believe the CA Global Delivery team can provide this support.  Please contact your CA Account Manager and have them raise this request with the CA Global Delivery team for you.