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Wireless Monitoring & Performance Reporting

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08-27-2015 08:21 AM

Hi All,


It has been 3 year i am deploying and preparing  CA Spectrum, eHealth, NFA etc products in different customers environment. Some time i have received too many inputs from customers on Product functionality and most of the common concern is Wireless Device Monitoring which looks missing in CA Products. Here i am not talking about basic level of monitoring & we all know that basic requirement can easily fulfill by Spectrum or eHealth such as UP/Down, CPU/Memory, Interface Monitoring or Performance. Apart from these monitoring parameters, some wireless specific Parameters should be enhanced in CA products.


Enhancement feature for Wire LAN Management


1. Unified access points

2. Autonomous access points

3. WLC

4. MSE

5. Wireless Clients

6. Unified Access Devices


So above listed Wire LAN should be supported along with Fault & Performance alerting


Air Quality V/S Time, Security Risk Interferes, Worst Air Quality, Worst DB Signal or Over Utilized Wireless, Client Sessions, Client Summary, Busiest Client etc, So such kind of parameters should be available for Alerting or Performance Reporting. Recently i heard that all performance parameters will be captured by Performance Manager (PM) which is recently introduced but i haven't find any information about Wirless Devices. I have faced my customers which are looking such kind of Monitoring from CA Products.


Regards\Manpreet Singh


01-14-2016 06:39 AM



The idea is delivered as part of CA Spectrum 10.1 release.




09-14-2015 03:42 AM

Hi Sohal,


As CatalinF mentioned CA Spectrum is planning for Wireless Controllers and Access Points monitoring support in the upcoming release. If you wish to Beta test this feature then please email me at


Also regarding Performance Metrics collection of WLC's and AP's CA Performance Management is the candidate. I am editing the category of this idea to include CA PM also.


Let me know if you further need more information or clarification.




09-11-2015 03:58 PM

Hi, it seems this is of value to some eHealth users, so we'd be happy to take a look into this as a Certification Request. Please provide device MIB and walk with info in a Support ticket so we can analyze the work for eHealth. Also, any variables or OID's of interest to you could be specified in your ticket.

Thanks, Margaret (eHealth PM)

08-27-2015 11:16 AM

As far as I know in next Spectrum release it is scheduled to have support for wireless lan controllers and access points. If you're all interested in seeing support for multiple access solution, I think this would be a good moment to make your voices heard by PM and developers. Maybe you could also try to be part of the BETA that is scheduled to start. This way you have more chances to in improvement of the product by actively making comments on the releases.


As per eHealth, I doubt that this will be implemented. More chances are to see this implemented in Performance Management. There's also to option to self-certify some of these devices, as long as they are SNMP capable. I'm not very familiar with all these solution, but I think that it can be done event with the existing capabilities. Maybe someone already tried so far this kind of certification.

08-27-2015 09:09 AM

I would love to be able to monitor our wireless setup natively in Spectrum and eHealth and be able to ditch our much less reliable vendor provided solution! 

08-27-2015 08:29 AM

I fully agree with you. I hope CA definitely have future road map for this

08-27-2015 08:26 AM

This is a major requirement of our enterprise as well. I am looking to find an Airwave type offering that directly integrates into Spectrum that provides much more than the basics - it looks like CA lacks such a tool and so far has been unable to provide me with partner reccomendations