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UCM: Decrease min. call duration for threshold/incident

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04-18-2019 07:11 AM



In UCM thresholds can be defined so incidents (actions) can created.

But the minimum call duration is 1 minute.

Our customer has a lot of short calls (average 20 seconds), so when the MOS threshold is exceeded for this short calls, no incident/action will be created.



04-19-2019 08:48 AM

The default report period for RTCP traffic off of the Avaya Communications Manager is 30 seconds. As part of the setup for UCM, we decrease this to 5 seconds. This is covered here:


The default GUI interval (for display) within UCM is 5 minutes. However, there is a separation between the threshold alerting and the GUI interval.


The challenge here would be whether 3 RTCP reports for a call (after all, that is what you are going to get for a 20 second call) is enough for threshold alerting in UCM?