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Include problem number in exported/downloaded fix list

Last activity 06-13-2019 09:58 AM
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01-28-2019 04:37 AM

The Automic Release Notes tool allows customers to view a list of fixes & changes between any two versions of an Automic product.


The tool was recently updated to allow the user to download a displayed list of fixes in Excel format.


For example, here is a list of the fixes added to Automation Engine between v12.0.6 and v12.0.7:


The resulting Excel spreadsheet lacks the problem ID of each fix. The problem ID should be included.


01-29-2019 05:34 AM

I'm glad it works. Thank you for letting me know.

01-29-2019 05:02 AM

I did a couple of tests:

  • When I downloaded the file to my iPad, the Problem ID column appeared.
  • When I changed one of the parameters (currently installed version) and downloaded the file again to my work PC, the Problem ID column appeared.

So I don't think the problem is on your side. I suspect our network firewall / malware filter is caching downloads.

01-28-2019 09:06 AM

This is odd. I opened the file directly from the link you just posted, and column E is not blank:

Is there anything that could be different between your and my opening of that file? Log out and log back in and try again? Could there be some sort of caching issue?

01-28-2019 08:14 AM

I downloaded the same comparison that you had in the original idea, and got this:

01-28-2019 07:53 AM

Thanks, mccel05, but I'm still not seeing it.

01-28-2019 05:44 AM

Hi Michael! 

The problem ID is now included in the spreadsheet. Thank you for the feedback!

Best regards,