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01-31-2018 06:51 AM

Hello, I'm using PAM 3.0.2_5, but also the previous version and the latest version 3.1.11, it would be nice to have the details of the files in the SCP or SFTP plugin inside the SSH connection.

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02-01-2018 02:58 AM

My idea was visualize the details of file showed in SFTP or SCP plugin like "Changed", "Rights" and "Owner".


01-31-2018 12:33 PM

Thanks for the clarification.  I can see the need for ASCII file transfer.  I'll keep an eye of interest on this community thread.


Take Care


01-31-2018 11:41 AM

Kirk, Yes, you misunderstand. This is about the file transfer clients that come up when you use the Plugins menu of the PAM built-in Mindterm SSH client after enabling "SSH Terminal File Transfer” under Applet Customization in Global Settings (PAM 3.x). I believe there is another enhancement request open to add a choice between ASCII and Binary transfer mode. Currently all transfers are in binary mode.

01-31-2018 10:36 AM

I do not understand why you mention of a Plug-in


- CA PAM utilizes a standard SSH to establish a secure network (TCP port 22) session with the Target device.  

- A Utility application (e.g. WinSTP) or CLI (UNIX/PuTTY) (scp vs cp / sftp vs ftp) performs the app-layer security.


Perhaps I am misunderstanding the question/concern ???


Kirk Kuykendall