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Additional user syncronization options in admin tasks

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03-23-2015 10:47 AM

When synchronizing the user in an admin task where provisioning roles are added/removed, only synchronize the user towards the provisioning role currently assigned/unassigned and not all accounts assigned to the user.

(We have a lot of endpoints and it is causing a bit of a load when many users get full synchronizations)

The only option in the admin tasks is to synchronize the user on event completion or task completion, we would like to have a smaller version of the synchronization as a choice.


03-23-2016 02:41 PM

I am not sure which product version was used but it could be that you encountered a product issue that should be reviewed further.


The Provisioning Server should receive a request from IM such as:


External Modify (eTGlobalUserName=foo)

eTRoleDN=New Role Added



That would cause only New Role Added to be evaluated and synchronized.


If however you see that the Provisioning Server received a request from IM such as:


External Modify (eTGlobalUserName=foo)



Then that would cause all provisioning roles on the user to be evaluated and synchronized.


Additional information about the task sync flags can be read at the below link as well


Explaining IM Task Settings (User Synchronization and Account Synchronization)

04-16-2015 09:00 AM


When assigning a provisioning role to a user, and that provisioning role have one or more account templates we would like to have that user syncronized to only that provisioning role/account templates and not a full user syncronization that includes all accounts linked to the global user and account templates for those.

04-14-2015 11:53 AM

Hello Daniel.Roth - Are you referring to user and group synchronization?  Can you add some more detail on what you are requesting?




04-10-2015 11:38 AM

Hi Daniel.Roth - Thanks for the submission.  This item is currently under review.