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Enable 64-BIT cache in local mode at runtime

Last activity 04-09-2019 06:54 PM
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01-21-2016 11:55 AM

We run our CVs without the use of caching of any kind. We do, however, have caching enabled at the DMCL level so that we can turn it on if needed.

What we now need is the ability to, on a job by job, program by program basis, turn on caching, preferably 64-bit caching, for a local mode program when we need it.


What we have found is that there is no means to do this. There is no SYSIDMS parm, no IDMSIN01 call, etc.


We are requesting feedback on the idea that CA IDMS Development implement the ability to use a SYSIDMS parm (or IDMSIN01 call, but that is the lesser in desire) to turn on caching for local mode programs, and, hopefully, also be able to specify the type of caching (64-bit storage, dataspace, etc) for a database file/area.


04-09-2019 06:54 PM

Hello All,


The IDMS Development Team is working on an enhancement in the area of memory caching.  This enhancement will allow users to limit the size of 64-bit storage used for an individual file's memory cache and better utilize storage above the bar.  The proposal will allow users to define a size limit on a file by file basis.


We are looking for customers to participate with us as we develop this feature.  If interested, please reach out to me at  We look forward to hearing from you!


Best Regards,

Nakesha Newbury

Product Owner, CA IDMS

02-05-2016 10:51 AM

Thank you Chuck for submitting this idea. The product team has reviewed this idea and determined that because of other priorities it will not be implemented at this time.  We greatly value your contributions to our community and are committed to continued engagement with you to improve our products. Voting is now closed, however a new idea can be opened in the future to revisit if there is high demand for this need.  Please let us know if you have any immediate questions.