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Save search criteria across sessions

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07-15-2020 12:14 PM

We recently implemented CA-CEM and I'd like to suggest these enhancements:
1) Fields in the Search Criteria dialog should be "sticky".   We prefix all of our CEM definitions with a "CFG" tag and having "CFG" remain in the Description field would be handy.
2) On the Report Definition page, under Date and Time, specifications like "Today" or "Yesterday" would be handy.   I've tried selecting 1 as a custom number of days but it actually selects the last 24 hours which may include part of the previous day.  Sometimes it's handy to report on a day boundary.
3) Technically this is not a CEM enhancement, but it would be nice if the Datacom/AD DBSQLPR program would accept something like a "TITLE" statement to provide a title for the generated report since CEM doesn't come with it's own report writer.


11 days ago

I have opened separate Ideas for items 2) and 3).   This one will focus on the first item to save search criteria across sessions.

17 days ago

I have also mentioned this to Mitch R.  If there is not a way to remember for each search than a default search would be nice.

Dave W

22 days ago

This type of feedback is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.