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use native language syntax highlighting in process tabs.

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02-12-2020 10:11 AM

I see that the UC4 html canvas (for editing and developing jobs in PROCESS and POSTPROCESS tabs) has underlying library from "codemirror", and that the color syntax is implemented for UC4/Automic scripting language for all PROCESS tabs.

Can you provide the option to set syntax highlighting to match the native platform and language?  For example, for a UNIX job, use "bash" syntax highlighting.  For SQL, use "sql" highlighting.  NOTE: I do see that for SQL jobs, there is a "form" mode for writing queries, and it does seem to do sql syntax highlighting. So, maybe that's already working.  (Perhaps some options on color schemes?)

Here is an example of shell highlighting:

codemirror shell syntax highlighting

Here is an example of sql highlighting:

sql highlighting

I think, if you still wanted to highlight the uc4/Automic script, the shell and sql library can be extended.

keywords: process tab, postprocess tab, process! tab, editing uc4 jobs