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Before starting PIM, first seos.audit file should be checked if it is sane or not.

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03-16-2015 01:52 AM

Customer’s painpoint and requirement:


Before finishing the steps of PIM starting, the sane test of audit file should be conducted at the first time.


For instance, “seload” simply  don’t start PIM and check the seaudit file first. Then if there is no problem on seaudit file, “seload” should be executed as the next step.


If seos.audit file is corrupted, then seos.audit recovery should be conducted automatically.


eproduction steps:


  1. System hang (abnormal stopping and no response from system) occurs.
  2. System reboot forcedly. (seos.audit file also might be corrupted at this point)
  3. PIM start (seload)


PIM don’t appear any abnormal message on syslog, showing especially seos.audit file has been corrupted.


So customer could think PIM has no problem at this point.


  1. Run seaudit command
  2. Suddenly lots of seaudit error message are written to syslog.


Because of this error message, customer should stop PIM intentionally and found some loss on audit log that could be written after starting PIM.



Business Impact:


Sometimes customer couldn’t notice seos.audit corruption for a while. This means some audit record could be lost and it makes the customer’s belief to shake.


Many customer thinks the audit records as evidence to be reported to high-up and government.



09-18-2015 11:03 AM

Hi kansi02 - Thanks for the submission.  This item is currently under review.