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Survey per tenant configuration

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08-25-2015 08:31 AM


In my outsourcing environment the business objectives are to satisfy tenants' requirements.

The common requirement that differ tenants is the way how survey URL is send to End Users.

Our Surveys come out to End Users when ticket gets closed; so it is when activity 'Closed' is recorded.

Currently we may assign only one survey to this activity and there is no easy way to make it different for different tenants.


Our business expectations are more than than tenancy differentiation.

The activity based survey, should not be static field, but a list of tenant/survey/type/frequency


- tenant is reference to tenant object

- survey is reference to survey object

- type is "random" or |"number" or "period"

- frequency is a number that means:

for number: send surver every [number] ticket

for random: generate 0/1 and send survey if 1 or servey wasn't send for [number] of tickets

for period: send survey if [number] of days passed from last survey.


I would like to ask CA team to review the requirement and respond as soon as possible if that can be done as part of the product enhancement.


Thank you.



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