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Virtual Services Catalog

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03-19-2015 09:27 PM

Enterprise customers typically need a virtual services catalog to document meta data about services.  This typically takes the form of an excel file, and ad hoc off the shelf product, or custom web based interface.  It would be nice to provide the capability for users to catalog services in a centralized location (perhaps the enterprise dashboard) which would be viewable through the web interface or exportable into excel format.  We could even put some level of auto-discovery about what services exist by seeing what is deployed across all enterprise wide VSE's.


Here are some fields that would be helpful to track:


Mandatory Fields

Program Name / Business Unit



Service Name

Transport Protocol

Data Protocol

Link to Source Control Location


Nice to Have Fields

Service Description

Number of Operations

List of Operations

Environment Used (i.e Dev, SIT, UAT, Performance)


Security Requirements (SSL, WS-Security, Encryption, etc)


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