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Banner Agent support for Banner 9

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09-03-2018 06:43 PM

Banner Agent support for Banner 9

Add support for additional gjajobs.shl parameters (now have up to 13 instead of  8).

Add support for Proxy Logins.


Business reason:

Banner General 8.10.x and Banner 9.x have new features that are not supported by the RA Agent for Banner 3.6.1.

The gjajobs.shl script now supports up to 13 parameters instead of the 8 supported by the Banner Agent.  The work-around for job capture is to ignore the extra parameters which results in a loss of functionality – especially for SaaS customers.

# parameters  - $1 is the process name

#               $2 is the process type

#               $3 is the user id

#               $4 is the password

#               $5 is the one up number

#               $6 is the printer name

#               $7 is the form name

#               $8 is the submit time

#               $9 is the GJRJLIS MIME type

#               $10 is the GJRJLIS storage days

#               $11 is the GJRJLIS on-premise print indicator

#               $12 is the GJRLIS font

#               $13 is the GJRJLIS font size


As reported in other Ideas, Banner General 8.8 and above supports proxy logins.  This feature is required for Banner 9.  When using job capture, the Banner Agent creates Users with bracketed names (like [SAISUSR]) which can not be edited or searched.  Recommendation is to drop the brackets for the User and Requestor, but leave the original bracketed name in the so_ref4 column.


03-19-2019 04:43 PM

Planned to be delivered with 9.4 release.

10-26-2018 02:21 PM

I posted a fix for Oracle Wallet proxy logins that removes the brackets for job capture in this thread, Banner 9 and Oracle Wallet 

I have not tested this yet but by using this fix you could echo parameters 9 through 13 into the temp capture file and then grep the parameters back out after the job is captured and bring the parameters back into GJAJOBS.  The problem is that jobcapture.groovy is only setup for 8 parameters so parameters 9 through 13 are lost during job capture.


I actually reported both the bracket issue and the parameter issue last year and put in a request in the Idea's page.  I guess the Idea's page did not make the transition to the CA support site from the old Automic support site