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Get Maximum Transaction Per Second Served by Gateway

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04-04-2019 01:11 PM

Using SaaS Implementation of API Gateway -


I checked in the Policy Manager to get the TPS value by period as Month but that feature is not available. Currently it supports Hourly/Daily. To keep track and summarise for monthly details is tedious.


Secondly, We have Hits, Daily Hits(Max), Daily Hits(Avg), Daily Hits(Min) and so on on Portal under business reports. I tried below way- (SELECT DAILY HITS(MAX) WHERE REQUEST AUTHORIZED = Yes AND REQUEST COMPLETED = Yes) - this is custom field I created. And I expect a request i.e, Authorized and Completed is considered as Transaction.


Now the problem is I retrieved Maximum number (peak value) of Hits per day. What we require is Maximum Number of Hits made in a Second; being the period limit could be a Month. 


Idea is to have some way to retrieve Maximum Transactions Per Second with period limit as Monthly.


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