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05-16-2014 11:18 AM

Customer wants to check the status of jobs related to a remote agent-- from
the agent box. Doing an 'autorep -J ALL', displays all jobs associated to
the Autosys scheduler. Customer asks- how can they avoid displaying all
jobs associated to the Autosys scheduler and only display jobs which are
associated to a particular agent???


CA Response:
CA Workload Automation AE (WAAE) cannot use the autorep utility to report on
Jobs (-J) for a particular instance or machine.

You can combine the autorep report with multiple value settings like -J or -M,
on the same command line to get a report of jobs and machines using a 'AND/OR'
i.e. >autorep -J box* AND -M <machinename>                                      

Autorep output would produce a report, in order, for all box* jobs first and
machine status information second. Not an aggregate of the 2 value settings!


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-- When we try to display a list of jobs (autorep -J ALL) on a remote agent, currently it displays list of all the jobs which are associated to the scheduler (Autosys machine). Is there a way we can display only the list of jobs which belong to the remote agent when we run autorep -J ALL on the remote agent machine?


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--I don't think it is a bug but it is kind of a good to have functionality, which will allow users/customers to filter the list of jobs based off of a remote agent


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--Currently we have 4 to 5 agents pointing to a scheduler, when we run the autorep command on the remote agent, it displays all the jobs which are associated to the scheduler. It is kind of difficult for us to determine the list of jobs which belong to the remote agent from the entire displayed jobs list


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--I am 100% sure it helps customers to find the list of jobs associated to the remote agent very easily. It will make user's life very easy when looking for set of jobs on a remote agent




02-01-2016 08:22 PM

autorep -M machine -J ALL

The above idea is related and will serve the purpose.