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03-07-2013 02:00 PM

Currently there are only three Device Types that IM uses:  ROUTER, SWITCH, SERVER.

If the device does not match the above three it then uses the forth type:  DEVICE.

We need the ability to modify the DeviceTypes.xml file to include ANY device type that is needed.

Some examples would be: 


These are just examples. 


04-23-2018 06:09 AM

I would also welcome:




06-20-2017 11:56 AM

As we have put in place our NetOps strategy that focuses on the even tighter unification of CA Spectrum and CA Performance Management - along with a new analytics platform - this request is getting some new attention. In the short term we are planning to add some new device types with goal to ultimately enable you to add your own - i really appreicated the comments that shared ideas relevent to a more tightly integrated Spectrum and Performance Management solution - stay tuned!

10-27-2016 12:55 PM

A vendor/device MIB is certified by CA, like an Adtran TA1148V device.  This device is not a router, switch, or server.  It's a DSLAM or as Adtran puts it, a FTTN/FTTC OSP DSLAM.  I'd like to be able to create a DSLAM device type, or Access Device - device type.  When will this feature be made available?

03-20-2016 05:03 PM

This idea goes alongside with the idea, handling the inflexible context pages.

Is there any new status on this one ?

11-26-2015 11:05 AM

Since Spectrum is a data source for CAPC one would think they would agree on how they model and discover a device.  When Spectrum discovers and models a Riverbed Steelhead appliance it models that device as a WAN OPTIMIZER but when the DA does a discovery it models the same device as a switch.  The same goes for Palo Alto firewalls as CAPC will discover them as servers.  This is very aggravating to say the least.

07-30-2015 11:46 PM

This is a quite common request we see from other customers. It would be event best if we could custom add the device types in the GUI and associate them with the sysObjectID of the device.

07-08-2014 04:01 PM

I wasn't actually aware that this feature was available. It needs to be as easy as it was in NV. Right click the device, change classification, choose from existing or type in a new one. The one feature that was missing from the NV/NPC classes was the individual context page creation. If it was classified as anything other than a server, router, or switch, it showed up in NPC as a device. The way we worked around it was to create an additional tab on the device context level for each technology type. So once you drilled into the device, the summary tab would show the basics, and if you wanted vendor specific info, you went to the vendor specific tab. This meant that the large majority of tabs would be empty while the one tab associated with that technology had data. You also had to know which kind of device you were looking at. If it were a Riverbed, you would either need to know that it's a riverbed (easy from the summary page) or click through each tab until you found data.


I'd really like to see a redesign of the context system such that there are a set of tabs shown for every device (device context) then vendor/technology specific tabs depending on the classification of the device.

07-08-2014 02:51 PM

Hi Jason,


In addition to the requirement of specific Context Pages with associated tabs and Metric views of that specific technology, new types would help to run dynamic grouping rules.


Let’s imagine you need to create a group containing firewalls with IP address starting by 180.X.X.X. This is not possible based on the existing attributes populated during the discovery if the device has been classified as Router or Switch.


The end of this use case is you can reduce the scope of some views thanks to a more efficient grouping rules.



07-08-2014 02:38 PM

How do we view this being utilized within CAPC? Is this based on the need for more technology specific context views or is there another use case that requires we scope "devices" at a more granular level?

02-17-2014 06:52 PM

Spectrums Model Class list would be a good starting point.

In addition to above list: