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Maintenance mode alarm grouping

Last activity 12-17-2016 10:08 AM
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09-09-2016 03:51 PM

I have a group of users that would like to have the ability to stop some alarms, but not all alarms on a set of devices.  They would also like to be able to schedule that type of maintenance activity as well.


They understand how to put devices into maintenance mode and to schedule maintenance mode, however that stops Spectrum from doing everything associated with the device.  What they would like is the ability to select a set of alarms and tell Spectrum to ignore those alarms on a set of devices.  The use cases that they gave are:

   If we have a fiber cut, they may want to tell Spectrum to stop looking at alarms associated with that type of activity, but not stop monitoring the device completely.  After all it is still being used for other purposes.

   Another is they are swapping out cards in several racks, so they know the they are going to generate a large number of alarms.  They would like those type of alarms blocked for a period of time on a set of devices, but they don't want to block all alarms.  Let's say one of the cards goes in and brings the whole chassis down.  They will want to know that right away.