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List spell check maintenance

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07-21-2017 03:22 PM



I think is possible create maintenance for spell checker

create a list to include new word similar to command pdm_lexutil -a  but in this case the word add to list and then when

recycled services the list word add then clear


about the design i think in new windows have this componentes

Selection Language

Search works to verify if exist or not 

2 listbox source 1 to new word added, and 1 to remove word




03-09-2018 09:29 AM

Thank you for submitting this idea. The product team has reviewed this idea and determined that it does not have enough support from the Community. Therefore, I have marked the idea as not planned. We greatly value your contributions to our community and are committed to continued engagement with you to improve our products.

07-21-2017 03:28 PM

JonathanM - Thank you for submitting this idea. The product team is reviewing this idea and is looking for additional input from other community members.


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