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for provisioning failure, VST to show endpoint account name and error message

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01-13-2020 09:46 AM

Hi Team,

Whenever there is provisioning failure like account not created/modified/deleted, VST shows only the count like how many account are not created/modified/deleted for an user. To know the exact account with endpoint, we need to verify from Provisioning Manager or etatrans log.

Please advise if we can get account endpoint name and error message both at VST as well. If we need to do any customization for this, please let us know that as well.

One more requirement which is needed is, requests are also submitted from tews interface. Whenever request fails due to provisioning eventually in asynchronous way and if tews response is captured, even that soap response should show erroneous endpoint account name and error message clearly.

This would help the calling application to understand the exact error message without logging into IDM application.