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NTServices - Exclude Auto-Monitoring

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09-02-2015 11:05 AM

Dear Community,


I would like to share one of my recent requirement regarding the NTServices Probe.


The capacity to automatically activate monitor for new service deployed is a great feature and helps some of my customer to keep the monitoring catalog as updated as possible (in case the change management plan that includes monitoring activation is not strictly followed).

But in some case, we would like the probe to avoid from automatically activate monitoring for specific services that can be installed and uninstalled several times during the server lifetime (example: Specific Veeam Services)

I hope product management can handle this idea that can improves a lot the capacity of this probe




09-03-2015 09:24 AM

ah true, I mixed up the default value there

09-03-2015 09:13 AM


true but that only applies if the "Action on Service removed" has been set to "Alarm & Remove profile".

By default this config value isn't set (so it defaults to 'no action') but if you want to code it into the config (to be 100% certain) you can add the alarm_on_remove = no action to each service.

09-03-2015 08:58 AM

The config will be gone once the service is uninstalled though, so when it's installed again it'll be monitored.

09-03-2015 08:08 AM

You can do what you are asking within the probe currently (as we have one that prevents "Google" services from being monitored (should our devs decide to install chrome on their boxes).


Create a new package to deploy a ntservices.cfx config to the correct location. Edit the ntservices.cfx file to contain the services you don't want to monitor (see example below)

<services> overwrite

   <gupdate> overwrite

      active = no

      display = Google Update Service (gupdate)


   <gupdatem> overwrite

      active = no

      display = Google Update Service (gupdatem)




This will create (or overwrite) entries for the services and prevent them from being monitored.

It shouldn't be too difficult to adapt this for the Veeam services you don't want to monitor.