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new set parameter for string array

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05-30-2016 10:47 AM


in we have prepared some flows(Utilities) that the user can drag and drop in order to make a big flow.


This utilities hava the action "Set parameter"  so the user can write the inputs need.


Now I'm developing a flow to create directorios, where the user can choose to create more than 30 directories.

It's really hard to put 30 "Set parameter - string", so the idea is coming in use a " Set parameter - as a String Array", where the user can write all  of the directories that need.



Can it be developed?





06-01-2016 06:43 AM

if you want to achieve that simply by only letting your users write in the flows you provide, you will have a hard time. the definition of what you need, would be much easier in a xml file

06-01-2016 04:12 AM

After some discussions, the idea change a bit.

It's not neccesary a set paramter -String Array at all.


Look for example at this table



The user needs to fill something more dinamically.

So the idea is having a table, where inside of a flow the user can fill the values.


Maybe it's something similar to collections, isn't it?





06-01-2016 03:04 AM


I'll speak with those people that will use CARA and I'll update





06-01-2016 02:58 AM

from your user perspective? no


And here is why:

- if you would have a "set array parameter" action, you would need the user to open the list editor in this action and there add all the entries. a lot of clicking and might be confusing at the start, because people might not know how to open and handle the list editor (believe me, although it is obvious, some people sill will get confused)

- if you just tell your users to write a comma separated list with the folder names, it is much easier and should be understandable directly, because they can immediately add the folders in the presented action and only need to open the editor if it is a really long list and they want to check it

06-01-2016 02:52 AM

I know.

But don't you think will be much easier to have this new set parameter?




06-01-2016 02:27 AM

you still could just let your user write a comma separated list in a "set parameter string" action and in your flow you simply make that list into an array and loop over it for creating the folders

06-01-2016 02:21 AM


I'm referring how the user can write which directories to create.


My user can only "write" in the flows that I've prepared for them.

Neither they can use a "user input" to write those directories.


In some flows we have prepraded, for "instance restart was instance",  we have 3 Set para parameter-string

--> Server

--> Was Version

--> Was Instance

and the the flow does the need to restart that instance.


In summary, he is able to write the need inputs.


We need something similar just to create folder

--> User --> Set parameter String

--> Server --> Set parameter String

--> Directorios --> Set parameter String Array


Hope it clarify





05-31-2016 05:34 AM

I am not sure about this use case and this new idea.


Why can't a string array with for each loop solve your issue? You can do whatever you want inside this loop.

05-31-2016 05:17 AM


it's a good idea using an xml  but I can not say to the user to write that file.

I could do a set parameter string with an xml to modify,  although I'm afraid for the maximun number of chars.

In my version (5.5.2) I can not wirte more than 1024 bytes


My suggestion is to create that new action.

We make the flow easier.

We can use CARA as a front for the user because they do not have to write in files

And maybe the most important, all the operations all centralized in CARA




05-31-2016 04:56 AM

Hi ,


Do you have to stop your process repeatedly for 30 times and await user input ?


We had a similar case, to cater to it, we created an xml file with necessary tags.

All folders that the user wants to create will be entered in the xml file within the defined tags.


     <Folder name="">

     <Folder name="">



     <Folder name="">


We do a Xpath on that tag and get all values into string array, then loop (foreach) the array to create each folder.





05-31-2016 03:17 AM


the idea is the user grad a flow to create directorios.


In this flow he will write which directories to create, so I need to give him an interface to write those directories.

They only can modify values in this flow. Although it's possible we don't want they modify in parameters tab.


So it's the reason why we suggest to create this new kind of "set parameter - Array"


Hope it helps




05-31-2016 02:55 AM

i still don't really get it. so do you want to provide those 30 actions, that your user can drag those actions in and maybe create 10 out of 30 folders? but wouldn't it then not be 30 create folder actions?


where is the choice of the user, which folders should get created and when does he decide it? in the design or during the deployment?

- if in the design, just use an array parameter and let the user fill in the values. you don't need a set parameter action for that. just let him change the parameters default values.

- if during deployment, let the user write a comma separated string and you just grab the folder names from that


The long string could also be used in the design itself, just use one set parameter action for a string and you make an array out of the string and create all the folders from that comma separated list.

05-31-2016 02:47 AM


I do not really like to use 30 "set parameters".


But I need that the user will be able to write in CA those 30 directories.


The main idea is that someone will drag and drop flows into a process. Maybe this process is executed 2 days after it's created.

After it's executed it will launch a deploy where all of the former flows will create steps.




05-31-2016 02:30 AM

why do you need 30 "set parameter" actions, when you have a string array?