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Additional SSO data points to CA APM

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09-18-2019 09:14 AM

From the regular 'Stats' dump we get in our smps.log, the thread-related data points are identified.  We have CA APM for SSO configured in our new 12.8 SSO environment and it is picking up the currently instrumented  data points (noted with the // comments below) but not those noted with an *asterisk.  We rely on several of these as indicators of potential problems in an SSO environment so I would like to request that they be added to the set of attributes configured to be sent to CA APM for SSO.

Thread pool:

* Throughput=67.695686/sec

* Response Time=5.377074ms

* Wait Time In Queue=0.010143ms

Max HP Msg=3  // High Priority Request Queue Max Length

Max NP Msg=108 // Request Queue Max Length

*Current Depth=0

* Max Depth=108

Current High Depth=0  // High Priority Request Queue Current Max Length  (new agent connections)

Current Norm Depth=0  // Request Queue Current Max Length  (agent api calls::  ex. isauthorized)

Current Threads=64  // Worker Threads Currently in Use

Max Threads=64  // Worker Threads Max Count

*Busy Threads=3


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