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CA PM - Add Device Health Reports in CA PM similar to CA eHealth Health reports

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08-13-2017 08:43 PM

Could you please add the option to generate Health Reports similar to the way we have it in CA eHealth from CA Performance Management


These reports would be very helpful for customers transitioning from CA eHealth to CA PM . As we being a MSP ,this is a widely requested report by our customers and this does not seem to be something which would be available if we switch to CA PM.



05-08-2018 03:36 PM



You could add EVERY eHealth customer that ever ran a Health Report to your list of people who want this.  Whether those people come here and vote or not is irrelevant.  For every one person who posts here there are tens or hundreds of others out there that have the same issues but don't participate in the communities or have the resources to get to CA World to tell you these things in person.  It's not like this hasn't been said OVER AND OVER for the past 3 years!!!!!


The full Health Report was one of the most useful consumable products that the eHealth platform provided.  The Situations to Watch report was just one panel on the front page of many analytics charts and tables that were included in a single report.  They are more than just reports, they represent a whole workflow that navigated the end consumers through the things that were important in their environment.  By not including this entire body of work that evolved over 20+ years of product development and implementations around the world, CA has pushed the burden of recreating that body of work in the new products out to all of us administrators who have to switch to the new tools.  


It is nice CA has given us some cool new ways to collect and display data, but they have strayed away from the thing that made these products stand out - and that was the built-in functionality that brought the important data onto the pages without much more effort than install, discover, group and schedule your reports!  It really was that easy.  Now, in addition to being administrators, we all have to become report developers to recreate the body of work we have been providing to our end users/customers in the new tools.  And, this task is not trivial.


The thing that bothers me the most and keeps this soap box alive is that CA has brought in some VERY NICE functionality in the areas of retrieving metric data and displaying it on dashboards.  Yet, every time someone asks for some help with the reports, CA's response is always "it's easy, you can just run this query with OpenAPI, or you can build it in CABI."  If it's so easy, then why hasn't CA just created these reports already and shared them with all of us???  After all, that IS one of the most touted features of the new tools!  


If nothing else stands out to you, then please hear this last thought.  Part of the justification for paying the premium prices for CA products has been that they have this stuff already built in.  We don't want to have report developers on staff alongside our platform administrators.  If we have to do that, we could use less expensive products and spend the savings on people to develop Jasper reports on the cheaper products and come out with the same results.  This is a real decision point some of your customers are having to go through right now.  


Situations to Watch?  Check.  

05-07-2018 10:34 PM

Hi Robin,


We are a service provider and have multiple customers who use the CA eHealth Health reports same as the one attached in the Indea, I would not be able to post the customer names here but is there anything I can help with please?

05-04-2018 06:38 PM

Please provide customer list who interested in "Situation to Watch" and Health report. It will help us to evaluate and decide future enhacement. Thanks, Robin Qin

02-08-2018 04:33 AM

The latest version of PM introduced a report called Situations to watch. This produces output similar with the situations to watch section that existed in a Health report from eHealth. Did you look at it? There are also some custom application that can extract and present data from PM in ways similar to what and Health report would present. 

02-07-2018 06:21 PM

Any plans to have these Health reports available in CA PM in near future please?  This is getting to be a bottleneck for us to move to CA PM as customers are expecting to see similar reports available if they expect to use CA PM

08-13-2017 11:01 PM

This health report is liked by several eHealth customers and would look for similar reports under CA PM.