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ACMQ Build SCL workflow improvement suggestion

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05-20-2020 03:30 PM

Posting on behalf of one of our customers:

When you use ACMQ to build SCL to generate all Cobol programs that use a copybook, the process creates some SCL in your indicated PDS and put’s you into edit once complete. You then have to PF3 to save this and submit from the batch option in Endevor. Why can’t Endevor ask if we want to submit from within ACMQ when the SCL has been written. So enter to submit the SCL or PF3 to save it.

Note:  we do use AUTOGEN but there are some applications that want a phased approach to re-generating components based upon copybook change, and they use ACMQ to do this. It’s just a pain that once the SCL has been built no option appears when PF3 is used to either save/submit it at that point. You have to leave ACMQ, go to the batch menu and use option3 to submit.