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Multi SNMP context support

Last activity 07-19-2019 01:38 AM
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07-16-2019 07:24 AM

Fortinet Firewall cluster use 1 unique IP address but provides
information for the cluster members by using 2 community strings.

In eHealth, which should be substituted by CA-PM, it is possible to doscover the same
IP with 2 different community strings. eHealth is so intellegent to create 2 devices with 
different discover keys but the same IP.

CA-PM is missing this function, also the conecpt of a discover key. The question is now
how you can poll the same IP with 2 different cimmunity strings AND get 2 devices in
the configuration.

You could workaround to use 2 data collectors but this would be a waste of resoources. It makes more sense to improve CA-PM (eHealth has this feature)