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Remove Audited Portal Access Request Tasks

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11-19-2019 11:58 AM

In going over this case with Engineering, they have let me know that when the IP task is set to "directChange", there will be one audited and one processed task created in IDM.  The reason for this is that IP communicates with IDM using RESTful web services. The moment we search for the user, the task (in this case modify user) will start and is moved to the audit state.  After modifying the user and submitting the task a new task session is getting generated and moved to completed/in-progress (depending on workflow).

So the first task which got created while searching the user will be left in the audit state. Hence VST will show both the audit state task session and the completed/in-progress state task session.  REST is stateless, so we do not maintain the task session-id which got created while searching the user for modification in further rest calls.

I would like to remove the audited task from the system. I believe this would cause issues down the line for customers who have high traffic (consistently requesting/removing access).