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When resetting prompt set fields, honor default values, and reevaluate any variables therein

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04-13-2018 04:36 PM

With AE v12, any default values of prompt set elements are inserted into the corresponding fields only once, when the prompt set is first generated. If the fields are later reset due to the fact that another field has been changed, the fields are not set back to the default. Instead, they are simply cleared.

Here is how it should work: If a prompt set element has a default value, and if the element is reset because another element in the prompt set has been changed, then the default value should be inserted once more, and any variables in the default value should evaluated anew, taking into account the values of other elements of the prompt set.

Here is an example:

If the user enters ABC into the Prefix field and hits the Tab key to advance to the next field, the following should happen:

  • The focus switches to the DOCU Name field.
  • The value of the VARA Name field changes to ABC.SETTINGS.VARA but is not editable.
  • The value of the DOCU Name field changes to ABC.INFO.DOCU, and this text is highlighted & editable.

One could use {VARA,KEY,COLUMN} variable references in the defaults instead of just &VARIABLE# references, to provide even greater flexibility. If prompt set defaults worked in this way, it would make it possible to provide immeidate feedback to the user of the effects one field has on another, and save the user time by automatically populating fields with default values, even if these values depend on the values set in other fields.


The basic idea is that any reset that happens as a result of the On change reset option resets the field to its default value, including re-evaluation of any variables present in the default value.


This idea originates in a discussion thread in the Automic Community discussion forum.