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Customise what metrics to be displayed in USM.

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05-18-2018 02:57 AM

I would like to select what metrics to be displayed on top when viewing a node in USM. Currently only the standard QoS metrics are shown ( CPU, Memory, availability, etc). These can not be customised in anyway.

With reference to support-case 01085487

UIM 8.51


I have certified a new device using the Self-certification portlet. The data is being collected and displayed in the UMP however I would like to know how I can add this new metrics to the Details tab of the device in USM.

The Details tab cannot be customised. According to the documentation the metrics are added to the tab automatically: --- View System Properties The Details tab displays information about system properties, disk usage, interface traffic, and system performance. The information that is displayed depends on the data available. Items that have no value available for the system are omitted. ---

This would be an enhancement request.

Anyone else who would like these feature?