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CAPC - device to show associated Site in inventory/lists

Last activity 10-16-2017 03:50 PM
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07-25-2017 11:07 AM

CAPC - device to show associated Site in inventory/lists/interfaces


We use the approach to report on "Sites" as an MSP


There are instances where the device names do not follow the sites name and depending how you use PC you need to tell quickly what device/interface is apart of what site.


seeing this information in context views, inventorys view is whats needed


10-16-2017 03:50 PM

Thanks for the idea, baljit-bansal.  We'll monitor voting and consider this idea during future release planning exercises.


A couple points to note, even though it's not quite what you're looking for:

1) The Inventory views do have hidden columns for Location (which I believe maps to sysLocation).

2) The Details section of the context pages have a Group Membership section.  Sites are a specialized group that appear in this listing.