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Eliminate dependency on IPv6

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04-13-2018 04:37 PM

Currently, at least on UNIX, Automic Workload Automation is completely dependent on IPv6. The product will simply not work if IPv6 is not enabled.

The document “Automic Workload Automation 12.1 Release Highlights�? states promisingly:

 “IP dual stack available: The Automation Engine is now fully IPv6 compatible while IPv4 can still be used.�?

Despite this statement, although IPv6 interfaces do not actually have to be used, IPv6 must at least be enabled in the kernel.

The document “Upgrading an AE System from Version 12 to Version 12.1�? puts this requirement more bluntly:

“AF_INET6 (Address family IPv6) is mandatory for all components in V12.1.0.�?

If IPv6 is not enabled, the v12.1 service manager for example will abort with this error message:

20171002/163508.058 - U00022034 Socket call 'socket' returned error code '97'.20171002/163508.059 -          Address family not supported by protocol20171002/163508.059 - U00022002 Automic Service Manager, Version '12.1.0+build.920' ended abnormally.

Many enterprises have deliberately chosen to disable IPv6 to limit the complexity of their environments and to reduce operational risk. Dependence on IPv6 severely limits the environments within which AWA can be used. Even for those organizations that can enable IPv6, this hard requirement imposes non-negligible costs in both financial and technical terms.

Other UNIX programs either intelligently choose the IP stack to use depending on what is enabled, or offer the ability to specify the IP stack to use at runtime. E.g.,

wget --inet4-only curl --ipv4 host -4 ping -4 preAutomic Workload Automation (including the Service Manager, Automation Engine, and Agents) should be updated so that the programs do not require IPv6.


05-18-2018 12:46 AM

AWA v12.1.1, released on 31 January 2018, removes the dependency on IPv6.

05-18-2018 12:46 AM

See also this discussion thread.

04-14-2018 11:06 AM

Delivered in V12.1.1

David Ainsworth

Director, Product Management AWA