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Replace TMSXITF with new options Member

Last activity 11-08-2018 08:05 AM
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01-21-2015 07:15 AM

TMSXITF should be replaced with a new options member (TMORECnn).

It should be possible to ALLOW/DISALLOW DOUBLE OPEN, RECREATE or DISP=MOD based on Jobname (JOB), Program (PGM) or Data Set Name (DSN). For example:



DOUBLE_OPEN DEFAULT,ALLOW=N           /* Default entry for Double Open      */



RECREATE    DEFAULT,ALLOW=Y           /* Default entry for Recreate         */

RECREATE    JOB=RECR8NO,ALLOW=N       /* Disallow Recreate for JOB RECRE8NO */


DISP_MOD    DEFAULT,ALLOW=Y           /* Default entry for DISP=MOD         */

DISP_MOD    DSN=DO.NOT.MOD,ALLOW=N    /* Disallow to mod on DSN DO.NOT.MOD  */     


11-08-2018 08:05 AM

Has there been any progress on this, and when is the expected release?

05-10-2017 02:10 PM

This idea is very logical.  We place our SYSUT1 datasets on tape.  For some reason, DB2 chooses to do a double-open on SYSUT1 in one job step, so we are stuck with the difficult-to-diagnose errors like these:


15.11.11 JOB07619  IECTMS3 0714,V31272,IS NOT SCRTCH (64)

15.11.11 JOB07619  IEFTMS50 7XX- 04 LOADL ,LOADTS  ,SYSUT1  ,0714,V31272,00001,E.SYSUT1.D170303X

15.11.11 JOB07619  IEFTMS50 ***** CA 1 ABEND,EX,04 *****                  **



Or, how about this for an idea - how about showing an EXAMPLE of how to modify the TMSXITF exit?  So that people can fix the issue?   #TMSXITF  #EXAMPLE  #IECTMS3

10-04-2016 11:14 AM

This makes sense. DB2 utilities are using this method and for RMM this is no problem. Would be great to have it in CA-1 as well.

01-21-2015 07:24 AM

Hi CA-Team,

this idea make sense.

Anything within reason to reduce exit coding will help us in our daily business.

Best regards

Rolf Wirz