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Extend Activity Notifications to Workflow Tasks

Last activity 05-31-2019 01:53 AM
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05-03-2015 09:48 PM

It would be very useful to have 'Initial', 'Transfer' and 'Update Status' Activity Notifications for Classic Workflow Tasks, that launch in the context of the Task.

The Activity Notification mechanism does not currently cover Workflow Tasks.  As a consequence, simple operations - such as notifying a task Assignee or Goup that a task has been assigned to them, or that a task assigned to them has gone Pending - require unsupported Spel code to implement.  (The 'Behavior' mechanism can be used for such operations for tasks that belong to a category template, but behaviors cannot be defined for non-template tasks.)


04-18-2019 05:13 AM

As an interims solution maybe...:

Because each and any chgalg activity log written, based on a change of a task, is  including the task persistent id,

we implemented the following:

  • added a new SREL Attribute wf_id to the wf object.
  • added a new trigger on chgalg : The Trigger is looking for the wf persistent_id in the action_desc of the current chg_alg and sets the wf_id Attribute accordingly
  • additionally, the description  is enhanced by the sequence number of the related task 


majic looks like

OBJECT chgalg {
    ATTRIBUTES Change_Act_Log {
        wf_id     zwf_id SREL wf;   
        POST_VALIDATE do_fill_wf_id() 40;

spell looks like:

chgalg::do_fill_wf_id( ... ) {
string method;
method = "chgalg::do_fill_wf_id";

int start, end;
string wf_id_str;

string wf_sequence;

start = sindex(action_desc, "Workflow task", 0);
if( start == 0 ) {
start = sindex( action_desc, ":", 0);
end = sindex( action_desc, ")", start);
wf_id_str = substr( action_desc, start+1, end - start - 1);
send_wait(0, this, "call_attr", "wf_id", "set_val", (int) wf_id_str);
if (msg_error()) {
logf(ERROR, method + " : error in set_val : %s", msg[0]);
send_wait(0, this, "call_attr", "wf_id.sequence", "get_val");
if ( msg_error() ) {
logf(ERROR, method + " : error in get_attr_vals : %s", msg[0]);
wf_sequence = is_null(msg[0]) ? "" : (string)msg[0];

description = substr( description, 0, 13) + format(" sequence (%s)", wf_sequence) + substr( description, (end+1));

With this Little adjustment, you have a good control over notifcations triggered by wf updates.

In fact , the customer specific implementation also overwrites the "type" of the chgalg, to reflect task specific activities and being able to separate them completely from the chg related activities.

Hope this helps somebody... let me know your thoughts.


04-26-2017 07:56 AM

It is incomprehensible that this functionality is not already implemented from 12.x



04-20-2017 03:42 PM

Thank you for submitting this idea. The product team is reviewing this idea and is looking for additional input from other community members.


Community Members: If you agree that this is a good idea, please vote and add comments with details about your requirements.


06-07-2016 05:12 PM

We're finally getting to using adhoc tasks, but without notifications, it's challenging (we also try to avoid customizations & really need this)

03-09-2016 09:32 AM

completely agree

don't see the need of an extra layer there


09-11-2015 11:59 AM

Hi POssq,


That's ok, at least for me I really try to stay away from customizations.   If James Campbell who submitted this idea (or others) are interested though, they can let you know.  Thanks anyway!


09-11-2015 10:09 AM

Apparently i did not make it work... My apologize. But after looking at the files and ATY object i think that we can make it work, but i'll be customization.


i've talked with CA and they said there was several ticket concerning what you described and that there was an enhancement request.


If you want to, i can try to make it work. I'll do it out of work since it'll require a couple of hours.

09-11-2015 09:51 AM

True ....


Let me check and try to remember how i did it.

09-10-2015 03:55 PM

Ok, so it's the 'activity type', not the 'activity notification' -- Yes, I had already selected that.  So the activity association is now created.  Now I need to create a notification rule and a message template, correct?  But I'm not seeing the 'Workflow Task' object type in the list when creating a notification rule.  




09-10-2015 02:02 PM


Sorry for the french interface.


Sym : Test

Code : test

Attribute : group

Object : Workflow task

Activity type : Transfert

09-10-2015 01:53 PM

Hi POssq,


I would also like to be able to send a notification when the group or assignee of a workflow task is changed (transfer).  I'm trying to follow the instructions in your above post for creating a new activity association -- I selected 'Workflow Task' as the object type, I typed 'group' as the attribute, but I don't see a field to select 'Transfer' as the activity notification.




09-08-2015 02:28 PM

You can create an activity association. Simply select Workflow task in object type, and "group"/"assignee"/"status" as the attribute, select "transfer"/"status update" as the activity notifications (or create a new one). And here we go.


I have to admit that this is not OOTB but it's doable without any spelcode or customizations.


Simply ask if you can't figure it out.