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Using Advanced Authentication in the Cloud - Support for native cloud databases or NoSQL solutions

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By: Anonymous Member
06-21-2019 07:53 PM

We are exploring the usage of our Authentication & Authorization products in the  Cloud. Specifically, Advanced Authentication solutions like Strong Authentication (ArcotID / OTP) & Risk Authentication solution and our preferred solution is MS Azure Cloud. 
We see the Cloud as an opportunity to resolve some of the issues with the Oracle/Golden Gate multi-master replication issues that we are currently facing and eventually be able to provide these capabilities at scale globally for our clients. 
Per, only Oracle & MS SQL seems supported. Product Management has indicated that at this time, they don't have any plans to add certification for Azure SQL in roadmap and that this would be decided based on other customer interest.

We are looking at one or more of the following:
* MS Azure SQL
* CosmosDB
* MongoDB
* Cassandra. 

Is anyone else interested?