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SOI Tweak Needed: HD Integration needs closed check added

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07-18-2016 04:36 PM

So currently SOI doesn't check where an alert was cleared from. This brings up a help desk integration conundrum.

What we are seeing is if someone "Completes" a ticket w/in the HelpDesk system SOI then detects this and then Closes the Alert with the Specified custom status its set to within the Help Desk Config GUI.

This is the issue.

There needs to be a check box that says to SOI only set the ticket to the specified SOI status if the alert was cleared from the Domain Manager side or from w/in SOI.

If the ticket was closed/completed from w/in the HD side, then just clear the alert but don't re-change the HD Ticket status to the "Auto Change Trouble Ticket Status when alert is cleared change ticket status to:  "******" value.

This causes many headaches for our NOC who have to re-check all the tickets with the custom status after the ticket has been closed b/c the current system will change the ticket from "Completed" to "SOI-Cleared" after the fact.



09-21-2016 10:21 AM

BUMPING... This is a logic flaw and should not need an idea. 

07-19-2016 04:05 AM

I agree with Dan:

there should be a "loop detection" in this case.

If the Alert is cleared because the Ticket is closed, it should not in turn try to close the ticket again.