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Make probe SDGTW multi tenant with CA SDM

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02-13-2019 05:48 AM



It has been stated that the current solution for CA UIM and CA SDM integration, the SDGTW probe, does not support multi tenant environments, thus it should be suggested as an idea on this community to implement such a feature.


Below is a brief overview of the problem we faced as reported on the closed case 01176534:





UIM 8.5.1, probe sdgtw version 2.0.


We are facing a problem to open incidents for some CIs (Configuration Items) through the Service Desk integration with UIM 8.5.1, probe sdgtw version 2.0.


From SD side :


We did a remote session and after do several tests (Test environment) , we pint point the problem. Some of the tests worked correctly and SD ticket created while some of them do not work and SD ticket not created due a tenant violation error in SD, As per the tests, when creating the ticket from UIM , the tenant of the ticket is taken from the customer field (correct), but if there are more than 1 CI with the same name, it takes randomly one of them (tenant alph order) and if the one picked is not the one having same tenant as the customer then the tenant violation error is returned when trying to create the ticket and and the SD ticket is not created.


I setup a lab with ServiceDesk multi tenancy and UIM integration.


I have reproduced the issue to check if there is any possible workaround (from SD side) but all tests are unsuccessful .... since currently UIM-SDM integration is not multi-tenant, as per my tests when creating the tickect, it is taking the tenant tfor the incident from the customer mapped field , but the tenant is not used when selecting the CI, so, it could take a CI from a different tenant , causing the multi-tenant violation error and the ticket not created.


The Multi Tenancy support would need an enhancement request on the UIM SDGTW side. The support does not currently exist and would need to be added. For that a CA Communities idea would need to be opened.


I hope there is enough people facing this issue in order to have this feature implemented.