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APM should support Atlassian JIRA asap

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02-12-2016 04:33 AM

Our customer uses JIRA by Atlassia and needs to monitor this major application with APM. Unfortunately it is not supported yet and the very important monitoring can't be realized.


The consequence can only be to replace APM with another monitoring solution.


Please let APM support Atlassian JIRA asap.


06-07-2018 11:00 PM

Just an update that the the above issue has been resolved with the steps mentioned in How to configure the Java Agent with Atlassian JIR - CA Knowledge 

06-06-2018 09:51 PM



I've just raised support case 01107888 as we're trying to deploy to 10.5.2 agents to our JIRA instance and we're having problems.

Is there any documentation on the new support for JIRA indicated by this idea?




09-09-2016 12:38 PM

Hi Florian (Florian_Cheval),


This idea is more about crashing Introscope agents. When instrumentation for JIRA is activated there were severe problems which forced the customer to disable the monitoring of Confluence with Introscope. That is why there is no monitoring.


Requesting the support was more about support in general and overall.

The problem was discussed with CA before we opened that idea. CA was able to reproduce the problem, referred to documents that Atlassian products are not fully supported and told us to open this idea.


We were told this issue was intensively discussed internally, so we thought there was more awareness of this case and the problem on the customer side - especially with the need to have this idea delivered asap.


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09-08-2016 07:43 AM



Jira is a Java Web application running on top of an Application Server (frequently Tomcat), so it is supported just like any other application as long as we support the underlying Application Server/JVM combination.


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02-17-2016 05:16 AM



If you like this idea because you also use software from Atlassian, you maybe want to vote for this idea as well:

APM should support Atlassian Confluence asap


Thanks and Best Regards