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VMWare 6.5 support for Virtual Appliance

Last activity 11-15-2018 04:53 PM
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08-10-2018 07:09 AM

The current version (9.3 at the time of writing this) of the Virtual Appliance only supports deployment on VMWare 5.x and 6.0 platforms. VMWare 6.5 was officially released November 2016, so it seems like it would be about time that it gets supported for the API Gateway Virtual Appliance. Many customers are using it and we run into having to apply workarounds because deploying the (compressed) OVA image fails.


In comparison: the CA API Gateway version 8.4 which was released in August 2016 was already announced to be end of service by April 2019. So even the most recent release of the gateway is not supporting a software version of the main deployment platform yet which is so old that CA considers its own software of the same age to be too old to keep supporting it. Seems like double standards to me. I think it would be in order to prioritize certification of supported VMWare platform fairly high as it is not reasonable to expect that customers can or will delay VMWare upgrades just because of a few servers not supporting it.


11-15-2018 04:53 PM

Marked as delivered with the release of Gateway 9.4.

11-15-2018 06:05 AM

Good news and now CA API Gateway 9.4 is GA.

11-14-2018 05:49 AM

Good Idea, voting Yes

10-20-2018 04:32 AM

Thanks for the update Dustin. That's great to hear!

10-19-2018 05:47 PM

This is currently planned for the release of Gateway 9.4.