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Support the Migration of Data Aggregator to RHEL 6.x

Last activity 08-13-2017 12:03 PM
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01-27-2017 05:45 AM

The official documentation for CA PM 3.0 includes the instructions for migrating Performance Center and Data Repository from RHEL 5.x to 6.x. Data Aggregator migration is not yet supported, forcing us to keep it in RHEL 5.x


Please support the migration and update the documentation.


08-03-2017 02:52 PM

This is will be included in our upcoming CAPM 3.2 release, which is slated to GA very soon.

06-12-2017 12:59 PM

Hi RenatoBR - We're considering this as part of our plans to support RHEL 7 in a future release.