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Nutanix Probe - Support to Nutanix API V3

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07-23-2018 03:14 PM

Hello !

Today Nutanix Probe only use nutanix API V1.

But I open a case on Nutanix support and the support team asked to use V3 API

On Version 5.6 of Nutanix AOS API V1 is no longer supported (Only V2 and V3).

Some counters we only can get information's in V3 API (Version 5.5 and 5.6)

Because of that I think it is good idea change the probe to support V3 API.

We are planning upgrade our environment to AOS 5.6 and if I do that now I will be not able to use the probe and lose the capability to monitor my environment using UIM


Here is the link about V3 API and how to use it




05-20-2019 05:10 PM

RajeevKurupati Hello !


What about API v3 ?



04-16-2019 12:56 PM

Beta version of Nutanix probe (v 1.55) supporting V2 API is now available in the probes archive. Please do reach out to me in case you need additional information.

nutanix_monitor (Nutanix Monitoring) Release Notes - CA Unified Infrastructure Management Probes - CA Technologies Docum… 

03-29-2019 12:56 AM

Hi Todd & All,


Next version of Nutanix probe supporting V2 API is in development and beta program would start in next 1-2 weeks. 

I will update this thread once beta builds are posted to archive.

03-27-2019 01:53 PM

I assume that since the last probe release was prior to the end of the thread that noting has been done about this yet? Seems to me like your software is become shelf ware more and more by the day...can we please get an update on this from CA/Broadcom or whatever the company name is now?

11-23-2018 02:47 PM



It's a long to wait for the next release of the probe. 


On the mean time do you have any suggestion ? Or is better buy another monitoring tool to avoid lose the abillity to monitor Nutanix environment. 


The new versions of Nutanix API it's not new !!!!!!



11-21-2018 11:43 PM



All existing probe metrics are available through Nutanix V2 API and support for the same is planned for upcoming quarter (Jan-Mar'19). Tentatively, updated probe can be made available around Jan/Feb'19.

11-20-2018 08:30 AM

We were just forced to upgrade to Nutanix 5.6.1 AOS due to some bugs in the version of Nutanix we were on. Now we have lost all metrics that were being collected by our nutanix_monitor probe, CABI dashboards also. Unfortunately as I said we had to upgrade/were forced to by Nutanix so now there really is nothing we can do. Because V2 and V3 API support is not there we are dead in the water. Has anyone gotten an update on this as to if or when they might upgrade the probe next to support the newer V2 and V3 API's?

09-28-2018 03:21 AM

This idea is currently under review. Please expect a state change soon.