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Update TMS exit hooking so order of software hooking does not impact functionality.

Last activity 10-03-2018 03:24 PM
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08-09-2018 08:32 AM

Currently when enquiring about exit hooking and another vendor product we have been told that CA1 needs to install it's hook after other product. We have the need to get TMS up earlier in the IPL than when it comes up after the other product. In addition, we were told if the other product was stopped and removed its hooks, this could impact CA1.


It appears, but I could not get details out of support that CA1 in checking of hooks expects it's code to be what is found first in the hook location.


 My request is that these hooks be installed in such a way that regardless of startup or shutdown of either software, that the hooks be dynamic to the point there is not concern in order of which hooks are installed. I will gladly work with other vendor to get to a agreed upon approach on how to install multiple hooks, such as a anchor out of the hooking point that points to a "table of hooks". Or other solution that addresses the issue.


My first concern is that we can start CA1 first, but a bigger operational concern is that if the other software fails or is stopped it could impact tape track without awareness.