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DAR: Enhance DQRY EXPORT submissions

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03-24-2020 11:50 AM

​I have requested these enhancements before but last week a manager asked when DQ was going to make it to the 21st century.

1) On the BATCH EXECUTION panel (DQEN0) we would like to see an additional option added below the Variable comma separated to indicate,
Variable CSV format for EXCEL  _
This would generate a variable length file that does not start off each line with HEADER, DATA or END.  The first line would ONLY contain the field names.  This way when most end-users download the file to their PC it is ready to be opened and processed by MS EXCEL.

2) Again on the DQEN0 panel, whenever a job is submitted and the DQ412I - YOUR JOB WAS SUBMITTED AT hh:mm, please include the Jobname that was submitted. Our users execute a common JCL/Dialog that generates standard JCL for them because we are trying to get away from creating individual JCL job streams for each DQ user.  By indicating what their jobname is, they will have a better idea of what to monitor in JES.

Thank you for reconsidering this request and giving the DQ community a chance to vote on this. DQ is still a highly utilized end-user and programmer tool that is heavily used in our shop and should not be stabilized.​


13 days ago

​These seem like sensible, and likely straightforward, enhancements, Bill