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Search for an item to approve - beyond the queue limit of 500

Last activity 10-08-2018 05:39 AM
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10-08-2015 03:34 AM

This Enhancement Request is to provide a capability to search for work items in Identity Manager beyond the configured number (Currently 500). This is a limitation from the product code and we are looking to see if we can remove this limit.

The Customer IDM team are in fire fighting mode at the moment as they cannot see high priority items only the current list of 500 so they are focused on clearing down the queues rather than growing the solution.


If a user in the Customer has a high priority item for approval unless it appears in the current list then the Customer admin team cannot search for it so we need the ability to be able to search the full list rather than the restricted list.


CA Services has attempted to provide workarounds to the customer but since the lists are so large the only real solution is to remove the limitation of being able to search and see only the first 500 items. We have explained that this is how the product is currently designed to work and an enhancement request is needed. This has been explained to the customer.