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Better control of “Auto Refresh” value on CAPC

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07-18-2013 05:24 AM

CAPC have an “Auto Refresh” option that is off by default.
Also, when a user turns it on, after the user logs off and on again, the “Auto Refresh” is set back to off.

We have 3 ideas regarding this matter:

  1. The administrator of CAPC should have the option to set the default value of “Auto Refresh” to on/off at a global level.
  2. The “Auto Refresh” option should retain its value between different sessions of the same user.
  3. The administrator of CAPC should be able to set the “Auto Refresh” setting for individual user at creation time, via GUI or webservice.

The first and second ideas can be implemented regardless of each other.
The third idea can be implemented only after the second one was.

Dolev & Arie