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View list of Partnerships linked to Authentication Context Templates

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12-08-2014 02:47 PM

Problem Description:

When viewing the Authentication Context Templates, the partnership Count only displays ‘count’ of the partnerships but does not indicate which partnerships they are.



In large-scale Federation deployments keeping track of which partnerships are using templates would become difficult. When a change is going to be made, an administrator cannot easily identify ‘who’ is impacted or requires updating. Also, when configuring for multiple templates (based on security grouping or other requirements) admins cannot quickly report on which Service Providers utilize a specific configuration when using the GUI.


Requested Functionality Change:

Provide an option to allow viewing the partnerships in a list displaying the linked partnership names.


User Story:

As a SiteMinder Administrator, I want to view the linked partnerships to an authentication context template, so that I can limit operational impacts by quickly identifying partnerships which utilize a specific template


Example Conditions (just brain storming ideas on functionality):

- When viewing the authentication context template list, I can select an option for a template to view the linked partnerships

- Linked partnerships are displayed in a list sorted by partnership name

- The list defaults to display maximum of 20 names per page

- The list defaults to sort in descending order

- I can navigate the list by: (1) one page at a time, (2) “last page” / “first page” or (3) view all one page

- I can sort names by ascending or descending order

- I can filter names by searching using “contains” or “equals” logic

- I can close out of the list and return to the Authentication Context Template menu


General Benefit:

Administrators can easily identify which partnerships would be impacted by any changes and also verify which relationships are using a given functionality (based on the template created). This would allow admins to know overall impact to any updates, which partnerships need updating after a change or who needs to be contacted for checkouts after applying any changes.


11-06-2015 02:43 PM

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