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IBMi/as400/iSeries: New Probes and Functions

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09-19-2016 10:14 AM

It feels like you (CA) has zero focus on developing and adding new features or probes for iSeries / IBMi. Are we so few that it is not worth the time? An honest answer would be nice




Things that I and customers are missing and screaming about:

  • Power HA probe
  • BRMS probe
  • WRKCFGSTS probe
  • MQ-probe
  • Send commands
  • Reply to INQ / MSGW from UIM / UMP / USM / Mobile app (though we have built this feature with a script)
  • TCP/IP Monitoring
  • User Profile Monitoring

What do you UIM-guys miss? What can be improved?

What "outside the box" tools/script do you use that monitor IBMi (iSeries) with UIM?

Please be free to add more ideas here.


11-01-2017 05:52 PM

Would like to report on users per subsystem or better users per particular subsystem. To help better predict workloads and licensing for particular subsystems. Min/Max per period would be cool.


So would a relative weight candlestick graph with min/max trendlines but that's for a different idea.

09-18-2017 06:55 AM

Ok, I get some mixed messages about this. Your colleague says that he does not know any current plans for Websphere MQ on IBMi. Read here: MSQueue for Websphere on AS400? 

But you say that you are evaluting this and a DB2 probe? Can you please confirm

09-15-2017 10:37 AM



Apart from OS V7R3 certification, we are evaluating WebSphere_ mq and DB2 probe on AS/400 well.

i shall post when we finalize the later 2 requirements.


For other requirements mentioned, we may add in future based on demand from users.




09-15-2017 07:57 AM

Did you mark this as "currently planned"?

If you mean that existing probes will support V7R3, that's not what this idea is about. The topic is "New Probes and Functions".

Are new Probes and Functions currently planned?

09-14-2017 09:54 AM

Thanks for the update.

When will UIM 9.0 be released?

09-13-2017 02:25 AM



with UIM 9.0, we are coming out with support for OS/400 V7R3. Robot, Controller and Folloing 8 probes shall be certified :

1. History

2. Fetchmsg

3. Diskstat

4. JobQS

5. Jobs

6. Job scheduler

7. Outqs

8. sysstat




08-24-2017 05:12 PM



We have V7R3 support planned for the next release, and once we have the robot updated, will be qualifying probes on this as well. I'll be able to share specifics in the coming months, but wanted you to be aware that it's in the pipeline!




08-17-2017 08:18 AM

CA, you tell us to create these Ideas nowdays because that's the only way to get new stuff into UIM. And I understand that there is alot of ideas here. But could you please give us some response?

It was 1 year ago I created this one, and it's still marked as "NEW"???


I've been looking for a roadmap for all IBM-products running robots/probes on CA UIM, and especially for the Power-platform.

You are waaaay behind monitoring this platform, and probes havn't been updated for several years in some cases. The only updates we get are for bug-fixes. Not even one probe for IBMi (iSeries) has been updated to support the latest OS (V7R3), which was released for 1½ year ago!


I don't think we've had even ONE update with a new feature on any of the probes the last 3-4 years. And a new probe? Forget it..

In some cases it's almost impossible to follow internal or customer requests for monitoring stuff that today are standard procedures.



06-22-2017 08:54 AM

Any updates for the road map on this?

02-08-2017 10:17 AM

Tow more thing:


  • Journal-probe does not work on iASP's.
    The probe is unable to do a SETASPGRP and therefore not able to check for journals in a library on iASP.
  • M3/Movex-probe
    This is a very popular ERP. Which is difficult to monitor if you don't do a lot of advanced settings via logmon and sql_response probes.