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Improvements to process execution logs

Last activity 07-13-2018 11:55 AM
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07-13-2018 11:55 AM

Currently, process logs are having separator lines between log rows

2018-07-12 14:11:08,460 - Starting Flow  "remove deployments(P907.F21867.E21881)"
2018-07-12 14:11:08,466 - Starting Iteration of "remove deployments(P907.F21867.E21881)"


We are collecting these logs to centralized log system. While having the separator lines may have sounded nice idea when somebody watches the logs with own eyes, it causes trouble and much extra work with centralized log systems, which need to understand where an log event ends.


In addition, would like to have a job id in the logs, right after the timestamp

third proposal is that it would be good if the original process logs would be left intact. Now those are cleaned. This would further simplify processing the logs for log system when there is no need to unzip those. I take it the zipped files are needed if somebody wants to access the logs from ROC ui.



  • Add some sort of configuration by which the separator line can be omitted
  • add the job id after the timestamp
  • Add some sort of configuration to leave the original process execution logs in place even after zip is produced.