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File upload in PromptSet

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04-13-2018 04:35 PM

The PromptSet has various options for user input. But we miss the possibility that the user can upload files for further processing in Automic. Today the user has to copy the content from the file into a textarea (new with V11.2) or to copy the file to a filesystem where it can be accessed by an Automic agent.

The uploaded file should be able to be processed line by line. (What about different line endings, eg. UNIX vs. DOS?)

But there should also be a possibility to process it like a CSV. The PromptSet developer should be able to specify

  • the delimiter,
  • the affected column  OR a mapping between columns and script variables (e.g. &..._COL1#, &..._COL2#, ..., &..._COLn#)
p>Also the uploaded file could be stored in a storage object. The storage object could be 
  • internal, so that the file will be automatically deleted when the worfklow ends  OR
  • external, specified by the PromptSet developer.
p>The Automic-Admin should be able to limit the maximum file size.

Our Business Case: We have CSV files with server names and additional informations for information porposes. For each server in a CSV a programm should be started. The CSV are "dynamically" and contains hundreds of systems. We do not have an Automic Agent on all of the systems. For user it is inpossible to select all servers by hand in a checklist or a combo box. Just copy&paste the content in a textarea is also not possible because of the additional informations in the file.

Legacy enhancement request ID: PMPER-1063