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USS - search a request / incident

Last activity 04-02-2019 05:27 AM
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06-20-2017 03:11 PM

USS page by default shows only 2 under "My Open Requests" it would be great if we have search box similar to what we have in employee interface.


03-20-2019 03:06 AM

This idea has been delivered with the 17.2 release. Using Service Point now business user can view all their open/close tickets under My Ticket section . Our design doesn't warrant a need for search within the business user's ticket and hence is not included in part of new interface. For more information, please refer to Service Point - CA Service Management - 17.2 Documentation

02-19-2018 05:59 AM

We are including this in our new business user design which is currently under development.

10-11-2017 04:52 PM

In the USS interface it should be possible to search any registered case, looking for any of the following filters or combination of them: Case number, keyword, creation date, etc.

07-03-2017 05:25 AM

This idea is being Wish-Listed for potential inclusion in a future release.


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06-20-2017 03:17 PM

yeah, this will be very useful for users to search their requests. we should be able to search both SC and SD tickets..