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Oracle Probe to support Oracle database version 19c

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06-27-2019 03:18 AM


I need to monitor the Oracle Database 19c that was released Jan 2019 but currently the latest version of the Oracle probe v5.41 is only support until Oracle Database 18c. Could you please release the new Oracle probe version ASAP to support Oracle 19c by considering the following function also.

To remove the checking of “Oracle version“ in your binary because I found the checkpoint can't be executed when the Oracle probe throw that error.

_oracle_monitor.log:Jun 21 11:26:43:639 [140231419381504] oracle: Profile: SRTUTF8/locked_users, Oracle version is not supported
_oracle_monitor.log:Jun 21 11:26:43:639 [140231419381504] oracle: Profile: SRTUTF8/long_queries, Oracle version is not supported
_oracle_monitor.log:Jun 21 11:26:43:638 [140231419381504] oracle: Profile: SRTUTF8/database_size, Oracle version is not supported
_oracle_monitor.log:Jun 21 11:26:43:636 [140231419381504] oracle: Profile: SRTUTF8/resource_util, Oracle version is not supported

All monitoring SQL is running fine in Oracle 19c databases when executed via SQL*Plus. If the Oracle version is not checked, the custom checkpoint to monitor the Oracle 19c should be working fine.

I saw in the previous Oracle probe version also check the database version and not working for 18c until I upgraded to the v5.41.

In my understanding the version that is reported is one other than ones that have hardcoded as being acceptable for the following checks: locked_users, long_queries, resource_util and database_size

The hardcoding in Oracle probe to only work against specific versions of Oracle, which will always force the need to obtain a new Probe even when the existing one would have no problems executing the checkpoint otherwise. The CA monitoring SQL checkpoint works, but the existing Oracle Probe binary has been hardcoded to check the database version and report it is not supported and disables executing of that checkpoint.

Please consider to remove version check function.


26 days ago

We need this too as soon as possible. Already having Oracle 19 Databases in production.